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Technical Consultation
Are there times when you feel you need someone you can rely on for advice on how to
take better advantage of the technology available today?
Based on our expertise with current technology, and experience with designing and
deploying business computing solutions that are working well today, we have the ability
to review your current business processes and associated business computing solutions.  
Such a review can lead to the design of enhancements to your current solution with an
emphasis on leveraging equipment and software that already exists, and integrating new
technology into your existing business.
Many businesses are already experiencing decreased costs and improved efficiency as a result of our consulting services.  Some have
decreased the amount of paper flow in the office by relying more on digital data.  Others have increased productivity by implementing
new technology that routes faxes electronically. Still, others experience time savings when transferring files and digital images
between computers by increasing the communication speed of their network.

Whatever your situation, we are here to assist you in finding a solution that will help your office work more efficiently over time.  We
will help you take advantage of existing equipment and software, as well as advancements in technology.  The goal is to help you
implement the proper solution for your needs both now, and as your practice changes and grows.
We have the expertise to...
  • Review your Current Business Processes and Associated Computing  Solutions
  • Recommend Solutions that will Leverage Equipment and Software that already exists
  • Recommend New Technology for Integration into your Existing Business Processes
  • Implement the Proper Solution for your Needs both Now, and as your Practice Changes and Grows