Another aspect of proper system maintenance is that of updates.  In today's world of computers,
there are always updates in some form or another. There are operating systems, network servers,
anti-virus, firewalls, as well as practice management applications all needing updates constantly.   
To make matters worse, all may not be compatible with each other.  

With our Service Agreements, Centric Technology Services can be proactive in maintaining and
supporting your business computing environment. We will make sure that regular visits are
scheduled for system maintenance so we can keep your updates current and your business running
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System Maintenance
Proper Maintenance of the office network and the associated
computers is essential to the long term health of your
business systems.  It can also help determine if there are
potential problems waiting to happen.  Avoiding these
problems with regularly scheduled maintenance can reduce
downtime on the computer systems and can help reduce
frustration and improve productivity.
Reliable Support
While we work hard to help minimize the occurrence of issues and problems
that may occur, problems will occur.  That is why, when they do, we support
our customers by incorporating the latest problem solving techniques
allowing us to isolate problems in as little time as possible.

Whether we serve you on an "as needed" basis or through one of our
Service Agreements, our focus is to provide a solution that enables you to
continue to function while allowing us more time to better diagnose the true
cause of the issue.  This process enables us to provide more definitive
solutions to your technical problems
Common Support Issues:

  • Operating System Upgrade Headaches
  • Keeping Applications Current
  • Keeping Anti-Virus Software Updated
  • System Performance Issues
  • Frustrations with Phone Support
  • Concerns About Network Security
  • Printer Frustrations
  • Unreliable Internet and Email
  • Backups not working