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  • Firewalls/Routers
    Routers with Firewall capabilities enable access to the Internet for all computers within your office.  More importantly       
    implementation of a firewall solution will help to prevent unauthorized electronic access to your networked computer systems and
    can control or prevent unwanted access to external websites as these could be harmful to your network.  They are a critical part of
    electronic communication in the business world today.

  • Wireless Devices
    Wireless devices allow for the transfer of information without the use of “wires”. They can be useful in a business environment
    because they enable computers to connect to your network more conveniently.  Wireless devices are often used to access internal
    systems in a protected manner or as a convenience to the customers of that business. Other forms of wireless devices can be
    printers or input devices such as Headphones or a Keyboard and Mouse.

  • AntiVirus/AntiSpyware
    AntiVirus/AntiSpyware software will offer proactive protection against potentially unwanted viruses and other
    programs that may affect your network, your users, and your productivity.  Some form of protection is essential in today's
    environment as more and more business activity is conducted online.
  • VPN's
    Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) can provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to your business network using
    a public networking infrastructure.  This is generally useful when connecting more than one office location together in order to
    share data between locations.

  • Broadband Internet Configuration
    There are numerous ways computers can be connected to the Internet over high speed network connections such as DSL, Cable or
    T1 networks.  Any of these will allow for high-speed transmission of text, audio and video, and serve to connect you to the
    Internet.  The type of connection is usually determined by cost and speed requirements.
Network Solutions and Support   
At Centric Technology Services we can assist you in the design, implementation, and support of a comprehensive network to support
your business needs.  We work together with you to ensure the solutions we provide will optimize communications among users and
allow them to share information and resources.