Dental I.T. Support

For a successful practice, your I.T. setup is the lifeblood of your team’s productivity. You need all devices working seamlessly at all times to provide the best patient care and experience. Centric Technology Services is here to help!

Natalie is very professional and addresses issues in a timely manner! I Love our Techs.

Lilson C.

Dental - Office Manager

Jon was friendly and professional...Thanks again for your help!

Susie J.

Dental - Front Office

Centric is always very helpful on any issue and resolved in a timely manner.

Linda M.

Dental - Financial Coordinator

Outstanding as always!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura M.

Ortho - Financial Coordinator

Kevin was not able to resolve the issue as scheduled due to the camera being broken. He did however make a brilliant suggestion for me to purchase a new intraoral camera. The standard camera ranges $1200+. He suggested a cheaper more efficient camera priced at $299. Our office took his advice and has purchased 3 of the cameras. We are extremely pleased and grateful for his suggestion!

Bridgette S.

Dental - Office Manager

Dental I.T. Services

Centric Technology Services has a team of I.T. Support professionals standing by to help with whatever you may need. From device procurement to cleaning an infected system or server, our team can provide exemplary service while reducing the stress and worry for your practice.

With more than 20+ years of experience, our Dental I.T. support specialists can help with:

HIPAA Compliance

From data storage to archiving and encryption, ensuring that your practice is HIPAA compliant can be a challenge. Centric Technology Services has solutions that eliminate the stress and worry from your team, so you can focus on your patients.


Data Backup

Our data backup services include a hybrid on-premise and cloud-based backup solution that helps you secure your data, and protect it both on site and off site. We backup your servers, imaging devices, employee workstations, wireless routers, and more. In the event that you need your network restored, you won’t have to worry about losing your data ever again.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery helps you recover from any I.T. catastrophe, from Natural Disasters to Ransomware attacks. From virtualizing a server in an emergency to restoring backups to keep your business operating, Centric has the best I.T. services for your practice.

Ransomware Prevention

With Ransomware attacks picking up in volume, strength, and severity over the years, it is important to have real-time protection for all of the machines on your network. Centric Technology Services can help setup network level, and endpoint level security to keep your devices safe.

Antimalware / Antispyware Software

Though you may not be familiar with all the different kinds of security threats in the I.T. world, it’s important to be protected from Trojan Horses, Root Kits, Key Loggers, and more. Having malware and spyware protection is critical to avoiding time-consuming I.T. repairs, and keeping your practice secure.

Remote I.T. + Computer Support

When it comes to your technology, you will need support in case there are any issues. From windows updates to new imaging software, it’s important to have the best I.T. support to quickly identify and resolve any errors, and get your team back up and running in no time.

Managed I.T. Services

For most dental practices looking for I.T. support, Managed I.T. Service is a great way to take a hands-off approach to your I.T. while having the performance and security that you need to succeed.

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Network Security + Design

Securing your network from both internal and external threats is important for any dental practice. A well-designed network with a powerful firewall will ensure that your data, and devices, are protected and working together seamlessly while taking HIPAA compliance requirements into consideration. We also consider the design of your network to help ensure better business flow and increased productivity.

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Patient Entertainment + Audio / Visual

Our patient entertainment services are guaranteed to help your patients feel more relaxed and help reduce the anxiety of going to the dentist. We can install 24in – 75in HDTV’s, wireless headphones, in-ceiling speakers, and more. Our audio and video experts can install and setup any systems that you need!

Employee Training

Helping your employees understand best practices when it comes to cybersecurity, and usage of their computers helps better protect your dental practice and improve efficiency. We can help your team become comfortable with their technology so that you can reduce downtime and improve confidence in your equipment.

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No matter what kind of I.T. support you need for your dental practice, Centric Technology Services is here to help. We specialize in helping both startups and existing practices reduce downtime for your mission critical technologies, and help you get the most out of your I.T. investment.