Managed IT Services For Dentists in Lafayette, LA

Managed IT Services for Dentists

As a managed service provider (MSP), we take responsibility for all data and technological aspects of your dental IT services. We provide security of records and patient information. We can install necessary security software and equipment that will help ensure the best protection for your practice.

At Centric Services INC, our experts can monitor your data for threats from outside breaches, lost data, and viruses and malware just as easily as we help you run reports for your office.

Dental Office IT Services for Your Peace of Mind

As a dental office, your patients need to come first. Our job is to make that possible. At Centric Technology Services, we provide managed IT services for dentists in Lafayette, LA, so that you can focus on the person sitting in your chair. We will manage all areas of your IT needs from a remote site so that the only time you need to give us a thought is if you have a problem or a question.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Dentists

Benefits of having managed IT services for your practice include email safety and protection. This will help ensure that your computer system does not get a virus through your email and that it will be able to ward off any unwanted attention. We back up your server regularly so that if a disaster occurs causing you to lose valuable data, we will be able to recover it easily.

Our managed IT services can include billing if that is something that you feel would be beneficial for your practice. We can run reports and update patient contact information at your request. We train your staff on how to work with our system with the goal of ultimately making life easier for everyone in your office.

Let Us Manage Your Dental Office IT Services

Gone are the days when a computer problem could be solved with a call to your computer guy. The complexities of today’s IT systems can be simplified with help from Centric Technology Services. Our dental office clients in Lafayette depend on us to have their backs with all things related to IT management for their businesses. We take care of you, so you can take care of your patients.

Call us today at Centric Technology Services in Lafayette, LA, for all of your dental office IT service needs.