The team we have put together to serve you has over 50 combined years of experience in the information technology industry.

They are hard-working, professional individuals who are committed to helping you make your business run smoothly by making the most of your technological investments. The information below will help you get to know them better.

Philip Reagan

President and Founder

Philip knew very early in life that he loved technology and how it worked which led him to earn an Electrical Engineering degree from Texas A&M with a focus on Computer Architecture and Design. The Compaq Corporation recruited him as one of the first college hires during the early startup years in Houston. Compaq became a very successful technology company that changed the world in terms of how computers were designed and used in business.

Justin Homeyer

Vice President

Before graduating from Texas A&M University, Justin knew a simple fact: he wanted to make things work better. He always dreamed of being an engineer, which is what got him started in technology. He started working at Centric as a student before moving to Houston and joining full-time in 2007. 

Jennifer Nelson

Finance Manager

You might not recognize Jennifer, but that’s because a lot of her work is done behind the scenes. Don’t let that fool you though, we would all be lost without her. She keeps us in line and doing what we do best by handling invoices, accounting, and other special projects.

Treneita Daniels

Customer Service Coordinator

When you call our office and need help, Treneita is the first person you will speak to. If something goes wrong with your office’s technology, it’s usually shaping up to be a pretty bad day and you want to pull your hair out. Treneita’s empathetic listening skills have helped put our clients at ease since 2008.

Joan Shirk

Office Manager

Keep calm and call Joan – that’s what everyone at Centric says about our office manager, Joan. Joan’s favorite part of her job is laughing with customers and getting to know them on a personal level. She has a knack for making everyone around her comfortable and building trusting relationships with them.

Allan Reagan

Project Manager

Allan jokes that he stands out for being a non-tech guy working at a tech company. Although he may not be your typical computer geek, Allan plays a very important role at Centric. He is the one who gets every client’s project started from the very beginning. 

Jon Briner

Technology Services Specialist

Jon has always been a jack of all trades. He used to get into trouble as a kid because he was always willing to help (even when he had no business doing so). He started working with his dad building servers at HP when he was just 15 years old. Since then, he has found a passion for taking things apart and putting them back together.

Kevin Kocian

Technology Services Specialist

Growing up in Cypress, Kevin clamored to join his older brothers in their computer games. They were not interested in including him, but he finally got the chance to discover technology in his middle school computer class, where he was assigned as the “lab helper.” This is when he realized that he was passionate about guiding others through complicated technological processes and explaining them in plain English.

Natalie Mechler

Technology Services Specialist

A former co-worker once told Natalie that IT was too tough for her and that she would never be able to make it in the technology field. Being the headstrong person she is, Natalie set her sights on proving them wrong – and she did. She joined the Centric team in 2012 and is very glad she found her way into this career path (even though it was not intended).

Sammy Whitcher

Technology Services Specialist

Sammy knew he wanted to surround himself with technology at a very young age. At just five years old, he was coding computer games. When he was eight, he started tinkering with computer parts, and at age 12, he built his own computer from scratch.

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