Network design (or redesign) is a critical part of the success of any business.

With advancements in technology, you want to ensure that all of your devices and services (both local, and in the cloud) are working in tandem so that your team is as efficient as possible.

We’ve partnered with the best resources in technology to bring you the highest quality at an affordable price.

New Construction

Centric Technology Services has more than 2 decades of experience setting new businesses up for success while they are building out their new office, or relocating. From running cable, and configuring firewalls, to setting up audio and visual systems for the office, our team has you covered from start to finish. Our team of certified engineers and technicians have the experience, and training to ensure that your network design is developed, and implemented strategically to ensure that future growth and scaling are easy and worry-free.

Your Network Design Will Include:

  • Hardware Procurement & Installation
  • Software Installation & Configuration
  • Running Ethernet Cables to each workstation & Device
  • Wireless network configuration and extension
  • Physical Service Installation & Configuration
  • HIPAA & PCI Compliance Considerations
  • Support for the network and devices to ensure that there are no issues

Network Redesign

How long has it been since your network was originally configured?  Have you made it a priority to evaluate it against current security and infrastructure standards?

Depending on how fast your business has grown, or if you plan to move to a different office, you may need to redesign your network to meet the new needs of your business as it has grown and evolved. Centric Technology Services is here to make the entire process as smooth as possible and will explain the process step by step to ensure that you are confident and comfortable with the plan moving forward.

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Our Network Design Services Include:

  • A personalized audit overview of the existing network in its entirety
  • A custom plan to redesign the network to improve efficiency and reliability
  • Upgrades to existing server infrastructures based on resource needs
  • Updates to existing software, and additional configurations as needed
  • Redesign of wireless networks to accommodate increased users, traffic, or location
  • Expansion of any virtualized servers to ensure there is enough resource allocation
  • Audit of existing backup solutions, and cybersecurity practices to identify areas of improvement
  • Support for the new network to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency
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Network Devices

From servers and domain controllers, to your team’s workstations, the devices you receive will be reliable, fast, and secure. Centric Technology Services only recommends the best software and hardware for your business, so you can count on it when you need it.