I.T. Support for Engineering Firms

Engineers and their firms are known for pushing the boundaries of modern-day technology. Centric Technology Services has helped our engineering clients stay at the tip of the spear for more than 2 decades. From the latest advancements in technology, to vigorously protecting our client’s IP and I.T. Infrastructure, our experts have solutions for all of your firm’s needs.

It was great having some timely support during the crazy times of the pandemic. Much appreciated Justin!

Nicole M.


Engineering I.T. Services

When assessing your current and future I.T. needs, it’s important to ensure that you are partnered with a quality I.T. company that cares about your future, and wants to see you succeed.

Engineering is a fast-paced industry, that relies on high-quality performance, and fast I.T. support whenever an issue arises.

Network Design

Designing your network to work as fast, and securely as possible for all of your employees is critical. From field employees to employees in the home office, our team can build a network that will ensure your team is operating at peak efficiency.

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Network Security

Securing your network is vital to protecting your IP, and your client’s data. Having robust, powerful network security in place is essential for both remote and local employees.

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Managed I.T. Services

From general I.T. Support, to a complete overhaul of your network and I.T. infrastructure as your business grows and evolves, Managed I.T. is a great choice if you want reduced stress, and to know that every aspect of your I.T. infrastructure is taken care of.

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Data Backup

Our data backup services include a hybrid on-premise and cloud-based backup solution that helps you secure your data, and protect it both on site and off site. We backup your servers, imaging devices, employee workstations, wireless routers, and more. In the event that you need your network restored, you won’t have to worry about losing your data ever again.

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Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan will help minimize downtime, and severely lessen the amount of stress you and your business will experience in the event of an I.T. failure, or natural disaster. Being able to quickly recover from a disaster can be the difference between your business experiencing minimal disruption, and your business being down for days or weeks at a time.

Employee Training

Training your employees on I.T. best practices on how to use their machines, and avoid accidentally installing viruses or Ransomware can help improve productivity, and reduce future I.T. risks.

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Centric Technology Services has the solutions to any I.T. issues you currently face, and will ensure that your technology will work for you at a high level for years to come.