Veterinary I.T. Services

Looking for a hands-off approach to your I.T. so that you can focus on growing your practice and taking care of your patients? Look no further than the experienced professionals at Centric Technology Services.

This process was smooth, nearly seamless for us. We got great recs for hardware, delivery times were quick, and the really important part - the installation - was managed in a way that allowed us to continue to remain open without interrupting our daily work. Kevin did a wonderful job for us. Thank you!

Kristy K.

Veterinary - Doctor, Owner

Veterinary I.T. Services

For 20+ years, our team of experts have provided the best I.T. services for veterinarians across the United States, and have earned a reputation for fast, effective I.T. Support 24/7. From Disaster Recovery and Prevention to 100% managed IT infrastructure, our teams can help ensure that your computers, servers, and devices are always operating at peak performance.

Computer Support

From imaging software to clinical test equipment to printers and servers, our team has the experience, and certifications, to quickly resolve any issues you might have. We’re known for fast response times, and for getting your team back up and running in no time!

Managed I.T. Services

Managed I.T. Services is the most popular option for most veterinary practices. When you partner with Centric Technology Services, you never have to worry about your I.T. again. Managed Services keeps your yearly I.T. costs low, and your computers running around the clock.

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Network Design

Designing and configuring your network is essential to ensuring that all of your different computers and devices work properly, and fast. Centric Technology Services has a team of experts who have designed networks for hundreds of Veterinary practices over the years that are reliable and set your practice up for I.T. success as your practice grows.

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Network Security

Protecting your data, and your computers is critical to the steady growth and efficiency of your practice. Never worry about viruses, or Ransomware impacting your practice again.

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Data Backup + Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data, and making sure that you have a disaster recovery plan in place, is essential for the long-term success of any business. From servers failing to power surges and natural disasters, it’s important to be able to quickly and efficiently get your practice back on its feet after a disaster.

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Employee Training

When your employees are comfortable, and confident with the technology around the office, it increases productivity, happiness, and provides the best patient experience possible. We have a team of experts that have spent decades training others on how to best use their technology, and how to keep their workstations secure.

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Centric Technology Services procures, supports, and maintains every aspect of your practice’s I.T. infrastructure. From VoIP Phones and Imaging software to a vCIO and Ransomware prevention, you’ll never have to stress about your I.T. ever again.