Technology Partners that provide top-tier I.T. Support

At Centric Technology Services, we believe in proactive I.T. solutions that prevent problems, rather than responding to them after they have disrupted your day-to-day. When your business is growing and flourishing, the last thing you need is a catastrophic I.T. failure taking the winds out from under your sails.

As the premier Managed Service Provider (MSP) for I.T. solutions in Texas, you are getting more than just a team of experts that can minimize downtime, and ensure that your network is always operating at peak performance.

You are partnering with a team of professionals that are committed to helping your business succeed, and scale as fast as you can grow.

We have a large team of professionals that are experienced, and most importantly, effective at providing personalized solutions, no matter what industry you may be in. For over 19 years, Centric Technology Services has provided the highest quality I.T. support to our clients ranging from Dental and Medical Practices, Veterinary Clinics, to Insurance and Engineering firms across the United States.

From day 1, we’ve built a reputation for delivering quality I.T. services and fast solutions for any problems that you may encounter. We pride ourselves on being known for providing quality technical support that you can depend on.

Discover some of the services that we do:

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Virtual CIO (vCIO)

A vCIO meets with you several times throughout the year to provide guidance and expertise for all things technical related to the business. From new security threats to planning how to scale and keep your tech up to date, a vCIO takes away all of the stress of I.T. so you can focus on your business.

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Backup & Recovery

Backing up your data is essential to prevent a catastrophic I.T. failure from dealing a fatal blow to your business. From natural disasters to Ransomware, you need to have a plan in place to restore your data and get the business up and running quickly.

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Network Design

Network design is a critical part of your business. From running cable and building server infrastructure, to setting up wireless access points and procuring hardware that your team can rely on, we have the experience, and the knowledge to set your business up for success.

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From patient entertainment systems, to conference room setups that allow every person to be heard crystal clear during the meeting, Audio and Video is essential to any business.

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HIPAA Compliancy & Archiving

If you are in the medical industry, then you know just how critical it is to ensure that your practice’s I.T. infrastructure is HIPAA compliant. We offer HIPAA compliant emails, BAA’s, Archiving & Encryption, and more! Never worry about HIPAA compliance again.

Network Security

Keeping your data, and devices, secure is essential to ensuring that your company is safe, and can grow safely. From firewalls and antivirus to user training and Ransomware prevention, our team can monitor your systems 24/7 to prevent your systems from being compromised, and your data lost.

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Managed I.T. & Computer Support

Are you constantly tracking End-of-Life for your software and machines? Do you know how often you should replace mission-critical equipment to minimize downtime and maximize security? Managed I.T. (also known as MSP) helps you stay on top of hardware & software updates, establishing & sticking to an I.T. budget, and eliminating any worries about your company’s technology.

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Email & Email Security

Hosted emails are essential for any business. It’s important to make sure that your emails are secure, and that they are up when you need them. Centric Technology Services has decades of experience setting up, and supporting emails for your business that you can count on to be secure, fast, and reliable.

Remote Access and Video Conferencing

With the new norm requiring remote access and video conferencing, we are equipped to setup the necessary network devices to provide safe and secure remote access and conferencing.